Best Trimmer Line for the Best Cut

Best Trimmer Line

Did you know that the trimmer line you opt for shall determine how quickly and effectively you will be able to cut the weeds on your lawn? If your answer was negative, you are not alone as several fresh users of weed whackers deny having knowledge of trimmer lines.

Since trimmer lines come in different shapes and sizes, are made from different materials and have different longevity periods, as a starter you must always check with your trimmer manual to know the type of trimmer line it uses for optimum performance.

In this review, we are going to discuss some of the best trimmer lines available on market. These are universal standard trimmer lines and will fit in almost all major branded trimmers. Of course, you must take care of the diameter and make sure it compliments your personal weed whackers size as well.

Maxpower 333665 Residential Grade Round .065-Inch Trimmer Line 1800-Foot Length

Maxpower produces some of the toughest and most durable trimmer lines. The 333665 is no exception. While you might think that going against the trimmer lines supplied by your trimmer manufacturer is crazy and a gamble, you will soon be really glad that you took that risk.

The trimmer line is perfect for use with a machine using 0.065 inch line. It will really hold up and last long. In fact, you probably won’t even use half of it, even after a year of usage.

For the price it comes at, you really will not find any trimmer lines with similar quality and effectiveness. Perhaps the only down point in this awesome bundle is that the bundle of spool is wrapped too tightly for convenient unwrapping.

However, this is a minor problem and nothing considering you might spend a lot of money on other, better-wrapped lines but not get the quality like this one. The roll gets packed with a big band holding it together. There is even a plastic net wrapped over it. It means that the work of winding the spool is so much easier.


  • .065-inch trimmer line
  • 1800-foot length
  • 90 refills
  • Blue
  • Round-shaped line made from sturdy nylon components


  • Wrapped too tightly

All in all, this product is totally sufficient for both lighter and tougher trimming.

Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum .095-Inch-by-685-Foot

Oregon has introduced a heavy duty solid trimmer line. This is just meant to finish the business and lets nothing else stand in its way. In fact, when operating, you never have to bump your trimmer head. You may work it on small lawns or acres of grass and it will perform equally on each. The amount you get is enough to last you a lifetime, unless you operate commercially. You can use the line on any particular trimmer with the proper size.


  • Outer layer prevents welding
  • High-strength inner core resists breaking
  • Long life
  • .095-inch diameter
  • 3-pound spool containing 685-feet


  • Quality check issues

By and large, the Oregon trimmer line is a pretty good investment for a long time. It will perform well as long as it lasts.

Cyclone .065-Inch-by-300-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade 1/2-Pound Grass Trimmer Line

Produced by the DE Corp, which is the biggest trimmer line manufacturer in the world, the Cyclone CY065D1 is an advanced trimmer line fit for your commercial and personal needs. It has been well-thought of and engineered.

As a result, this trimmer line is of state-of-the-art quality, made from the best materials and passed through the toughest of quality checks before it makes its way to a place on the shelves.

The trimmer line is pretty perfect for landscaping lovers. It will eat through the most rigid weeds and come out in a fit shape. The nylon used in its manufacturing gives the line superior strength and loads of durability. The pack of the trimmer line is huge and you will probably take years to finish it if you are using it for personal use.

You can feel the difference while using it, right from the first time. In fact, right from the time you first touch it you know from the slight ‘paper cuts’ you receive that this is sharp. The bulk size of the line means that it is very economical for usage.


  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer-lasting commercial cutting
  • Patented 6 bladed shape
  • Color coded by diameter size
  • Measures .065-inches-by-300-feet


  • Longevity issues

You may skip this product since the big size can make you feel that you are going to waste it, but it is recommended that you must get it as it is better than buying a few lines every other year, which will waste your time and your money with chances being that the quality might not be high as well.


All the aforementioned items are top-grade stuff and all have their superior advantages and very minor disadvantages. Since the choice between trimmer lines usually depend on the individual and the kind of trimmer he or she is using, it is difficult to recommend a particular one/ If all conditions are even, the Max Power, which is a very commendable brand in itself, trimmer line does lead the way and is the highest-ranked product on Amazon among these trimmer lines.