How We Rank Portable Garden Tools

We Use Amazon Data to Review and Rank Trimmers and Leaf Blowers

three power tools

We review, rank and provide useful  information for three categories of power lawn and garden tools:
– Line trimmers, weed eaters or weed whackers (different names for the same tool),
– Leaf blowers and vacuums, and
– Hedge trimmers.

Our Rankings are Based on Amazon Data

We utilize information about each product collected directly from Amazon’s website. Our rankings reflect best selling products and best ranked products based on Amazon’s customer reviews and sales figures. Information we collect for each garden tool includes:
– Product name
– Product brand
– Current price (updated continuously)
– Amazon product category – e.g., Patio, Lawn & Garden, Home Improvements or  Home and Kitchen
– Amazon sales rank (overall rank and rank withing the product category)
– Estimated monthly sales volume – number of units sold
– Estimated monthly sales volume – dollar value of sales
– Number of customer product reviews
– Average review rank (1-5)

amazon reviews

amazon product ranking service