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Best Trimmer Line for the Best Cut

Did you know that the trimmer line you opt for shall determine how quickly and effectively you will be able to cut the weeds on your lawn? If your answer was negative, you are not alone as several fresh users of weed whackers deny having knowledge of trimmer lines. Since trimmer lines come in different shapes and sizes, are made from different materials and have different longevity periods, as a starter you must always check with your trimmer manual to know the type of trimmer line it uses for optimum performance. In this review, we are going to discuss some of the best trimmer lines available on market. These are universal standard trimmer lines and will fit in almost all major branded trimmers. Of course, you must take care of the diameter and make sure it compliments your personal weed whackers size as well. Maxpower produces some of the toughest […]

The Best Commercial Weed Eater for Professionals

Commercial and personal weed eaters have a lot of differences. A commercial weed eater must be super heavy duty, be built to work for long hours and have optimum operation costs. In comparison, a personal weed eater does not do heavy duty work and will not last for a long time. Before deciding on picking one of the several available commercial weed whackers, you may have to consider a few properties such as efficiency, durability, maintenance, etc. However, in this review we have tried to chop down the huge list of potentials and highlight the top 3 available weed eaters. We have done the bulk of your research – all you have to do now is to pick your favorite machine from below and get it to yourself via a few clicks. The Husqvarna 128LD makes its name in every top commercial weed eater list with ease. This is a […]

The Best Black and Decker Weed Eaters for a Tidy Garden

Black and Decker is a premium electronic brand. When you are buying any product with this company’s label, you know that you are getting something solid and high-quality for a pretty sweet price. In this review, we are going to go through the best Black and Decker weed eaters. These are handpicked to make your decision a bit easier. B&D weed eaters are mean machines which are super effective and reliable at the same time. Your lawn care worries are no more! Grass Hog is one of the brands under the umbrella of Black & Decker for personal home usage. If you live in an urban setting, chances are you are going to love the Grass Hog and make use of it regularly to keep your lawn clean. In general, the device is pretty light in weight and convenient to use. Therefore, any one, from a young man to a […]

The Best Gas Trimmer for Extra Power

Of a wide range of string trimmers, gas models are the most effective. They are the best where a wired trimmer won’t achieve distance and a cordless battery won’t last. For tough weeds and grass, experts prescribe a mean machine gas model with double cutting lines. There is a gigantic contrast between a shoddy gas-controlled string trimmer and a premium-branded gas string trimmer. We’ve incorporated a rundown of top-of-the-line and expert-suggested gas trimmers in this review. You don’t need to burn through many dollars to locate a first-rate gas trimmer. Experts and users recommend Hitachi CG22EABSLP, saying it stands its ground against more costly trimmers. The 21 cc motor meets California Air Resource Board (CARB) emanation rules. The device has a fourteen inch head which leaves a double footprint and can swallow through several type of vegetation without any issue. The CG22EABSLP has the most exhaustive quality coverage in this […]

The Best Electric Trimmer for Your Lawn

While there is no doubt that the muscle of gas-powered trimmers can rarely be matched by other alternatives, there are still people who are not completely satisfied with using such products. The motor that makes cutting thick underbrush and high weeds so easy also makes the unit hard to drag around a yard for a long time. Moreover, the gas itself must be mixed with oil on a 2-cycle engine and the carbon releases affect nature. For the people who really don’t like the problems mentioned above, an electric trimmer is a god-send. In this review, we are going to cover the best electric trimmers in detail, with their pros and cons to make choosing one much easier for you. The NST1118 is a decent decision if you are searching for a nice trimmer and edger. The principle advantage of this item is that it is cordless, so on the […]

No Tangles: Cordless String Trimmer Reviews

Cordless trimmers are pretty handy and come with all the advantages of most cordless tools and appliances – which means they are emission-free, require barely any maintenance and are relatively low contributors of noise pollution. Many people who first hear about the cordless trimmers argue that they would not last long enough for serving their purpose efficiently. However, that was the case decades ago. Modern cordless trimmers are powerful machines with a variety of usage and accessibility features. Black and Decker is perhaps the most popular trimmer manufacturer around. The LST136W is a proven product by the company and comes with a strong 4.60 out of 5.00 star backing of the customers. The product has multiple power choices. You can pick your own power and thereafter start performing the work you need. Picking the correct speed will make your work so much more efficient. The product also comes with Power […]

Roam Free: Battery Powered Weed Eater Reviews

While most shoppers would concur that there is no a viable alternative for the cutting ability that a gas-controlled engine on a weed eater provides, numerous individuals still have their misgivings about them. Case in point – the engine that makes cutting thick underbrush and high weeds so basic likewise makes the unit difficult to drag around a yard for any amount of time. Furthermore, the gas itself must be blended with oil on a 2-cycle motor and there’s a lot of carbon discharge. For a few people, a definitive respite comes in the shape of battery worked grass trimmers. A string weed eater that keeps running on battery power works similarly as a standard gas unit. The enormous contrast with a battery controlled weed eater is its electric engine rather than an interior ignition motor, which furnishes it with both some positive points and detriments. In this review we […]