The Best Black and Decker Weed Eaters for a Tidy Garden

The Best Black and Decker Weed Eaters

Black and Decker is a premium electronic brand. When you are buying any product with this company’s label, you know that you are getting something solid and high-quality for a pretty sweet price.

In this review, we are going to go through the best Black and Decker weed eaters. These are handpicked to make your decision a bit easier. B&D weed eaters are mean machines which are super effective and reliable at the same time. Your lawn care worries are no more!

Black & Decker LST220 12-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Hog Trimmer/Edger

Grass Hog is one of the brands under the umbrella of Black & Decker for personal home usage. If you live in an urban setting, chances are you are going to love the Grass Hog and make use of it regularly to keep your lawn clean.

In general, the device is pretty light in weight and convenient to use. Therefore, any one, from a young man to a petite woman to elderly people, can use it without any issues. The battery is powered by lithium ion and lasts long, hence allowing you to complete your job. When you compare its weight and power ratio with other machines’ ratios, the Grass Hog comes out on top.

Even if you have not used a trimmer before, you can get acquainted with this trimmer pretty quickly. The self-working feed spool allows you to work without bumping the head regularly. The swath is long, with a 12 inch size. Moreover, you can easily switch between edger and trimmer operations. Once you master the usage, you can easily give your lawn a professional clean up.

The product is available on the Amazon web store. comes with free shipping and can reach your home within 2 weeks. Currently, it is enjoying a huge sale of more than 50% and you can check out the link below to see how much you are really saving!


  • Automatic feed spool
  • Quick conversion between trimming and edging
  • 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Power drive transmission


  • Short run time
  • Not the best for edging

By and large, the Black and Decker LST220 is an extraordinary alternative for property holders with small- to medium-sized lawns. Its flexibility makes it one of the best in the class of cordless weed eaters and edgers. It’s anything but difficult to utilize, has a long battery life and will take care of business efficiently.

Black & Decker GH900 14-Inch String Trimmer and Edger, 6.5 Amp

This B&D product is compact in size, light in weight and a simple-to-utilize electric trimmer. Try not to let its little and reduced size trick you, however. It has a 6.5 amp engine which does not roar, but does perform for the greatest execution.

It includes the Power Drive transmission that keeps it from sticking in those thick weed territories and you have one of the most powerful and capable electric trimmers for its price.

This trimmer is also effortless to use. It has a shifting handle with an ergonomic outline that makes it so natural to use for anybody.

The self-spooling feature ensures that you have enough string to continue slicing without bumping the line or pausing working. What’s more, in only seconds, the 14 inch trimmer head will pivot for edging. Lastly, the guided wheels will guarantee a decent cut.

The product is available on the Amazon store and comes with free shipping charges. It has been rated number three in the lawn and patio trimmer category.


  • AFS automatic feed framework
  • Power drive transmission
  • High torque transmission
  • Lightweight ergonomic design


  • Auto linefeed is unreliable
  • Not for regular use in tough grass

Stuffed with features and retailing at a low value; the Black and Decker GH900 is a strong decision for urban lawns that can, in any case, tackle extreme weeds. It comes at a low, two-figure cost and you won’t want more from it.

Black & Decker LCC140 40-volt Max String Trimmer and Sweeper Lithium Ion Combo Kit

Black and Decker has received applause from everyone for their LCC140.

Furnished with a super-effective 40v max lithium battery, it is a machine which is more than sufficiently solid to tackle any weed eating job. Although heavy compared to the other weed eaters above, it is still not very weighty to move and is lighter than a gas trimmer. The flexible handle with an ergonomic grasp gives you convenience of use.

The power dial permits you to utilize the greatest battery power for tougher weeds. You can likewise lower the power to protect battery life and expand running time.

To expand efficiency, the LCC140 accompanies a 13″ trimmer head for a bigger cut print. Furthermore, the head flips over in seconds to end up as an edger with wheels for guidance. To finish it all off, you not only get a top-notch cordless weed eater, you additionally get a Black and Decker blower to clear your yard and walkways of any cut grass. However, if you are planning to work for long hours, you may want to get yourself a spare battery.


  • One 40v max lithium ion battery
  • 13″ string trimmer/sweeper
  • Quick conversion between trimmer and edger
  • 3 year warranty


  • Needs two batteries
  • Blower is not very powerful

In case you’re searching for force and adaptability, this all-in-one bundle will be the ideal fit for you.


Black and Decker has found a pleasant harmony between giving their clients a quality item at a reasonable cost. These are immaculate trimmers and edgers for personal use. They are engineered to last and get exceptional support for their convenience and quality.

From the above list, we are going to go with the last choice – i.e. the LCC140 as the best product. It is a beast and can do both the tough and easy jobs without any hiccups.