The Choice between Gas Hedge Trimmer Vs. Electric Hedge Trimmer


Hedge trimmers are needed if you have a lawn and you are thinking to trim them to make it look beautiful. Once you get on the search for a hedge trimmer, it gets too confusing because of the numerous options available. There are many hedge trimmers, but they classifyinto two categories such as the electric hedge trimmer and the gas hedge trimmer.

Both have differences and it will ultimately depend on you which one you want to select. A lot of people start the comparison of Hedge trimmer gas vs. electric hedge trimmer to analyze the difference and to decide easier. Hedge trimmers are not bought again and again which is why it is necessary to make the right decision by choosing the best one which will last long.

They are expensive, but it is a worthy one-time investment which will give you ease in the future for sure. Once you have a reliable hedge trimmer, then your life will become easier than ever. Nowadays, people want quick and fast results, and has a dynamic shift in their demands. The products are being customized according to the needs of the people which is why there is a huge variety in the market.

Gas Hedge Trimmer vs. Electric: Types and Differences

There are many differences between the gas hedge trimmer and the electric hedge trimmer. Let us get started with the electric hedge trimmer first.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

The electric hedge trimmer is a quick start option where you just have to input the battery and the blades will start to cut. They are mostly cordless and runs on batteries. Although there are still some that has cords, but most people prefer to have the cordless ones.

The electric hedge trimmers are environmentally friendly, and there is no maintenance required for it. It does not create any noise while you are cutting hedges. The cordless electric hedge trimmers allow you to move around the garden without any worry by cutting from every side.

The Gas Hedge Trimmers

The gas hedge trimmer is the petrol hedge trimmer in which you have to put petrol in for it to run and cut the edges. It will be heavier than the electric trimmer since there will be petrol in it. There are risks involved using gas hedge trimmers because then you have to make sure there is no fire near it and it can be dangerous. You will have to maintain it, such as cleaning it and then adding the oil again so that it does not get rusty.

Gas hedge trimmers are available cordless just like the electric ones, but they are harder to maintain than the electric hedge trimmers. The gas hedge trimmers creates noise and may disturb the people around you. The power of the machine will stay consistent throughout the years because it runs on petrol and every time you put has, it will run as if it was new.

Which one is the best?

Pros of Electric Hedge Trimmer

  • Less time-consuming
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless
  • No maintenance required
  • Light to carry
  • One push button to cut the hedges
  • Extendable trimmer available

Pros of Gas Hedge Trimmer

  • Long-term hedge trimmer
  • Cordless

Electric hedge cutter

Choosing the best one between the two is quite obvious if you want quick results. Most of the people do not have time nowadays which is why they prefer to choose something that would cost them high for once but brings them the level of convenience which they want.

Electric hedge trimmer would be the right choice due to its quickness and its lightness which you will love. You would not have to waste time to check on the maintenance part like the gas hedge trimmer. You simply use the electric trimmer, turn it off, and keep it away until the next time you want to use it.

Hedges needs a cut about once a month and if you think your lawn requires some beauty makeover then consider buying the electric hedge cutter which will prove to be the best choice for you. You can find various kinds of electric hedge trimmers online which will be available in affordable prices.

If you are someone who loves your garden and want to see it in a beautiful shape, then cut the hedges with the right equipment. The two types of hedge cutters may cause confusion regarding their features, but comparatively, electric hedge trimmers seems to be the most suitable option for you to get started and learn the best techniques to get a pretty cut for the hedges.


It completely depends on a person’s choice to select which is the most suitable one for them. Whether you use a gas trimmer or an electric trimmer, both have the features which will please you. If you wish to have quick output, then electric hedge trimmer is the best choice. The convenience of an electric hedge trimmer is better than a gas hedge trimmer which is why it is suitable for the people who only get time on weekends.

There is no hard or fast rule to select gas hedge trimmer vs. electric trimmers, but you can choose your favorite one. Many options are available when it comes to choosing the right trimmer because it is a one-time expense and no one wants to make a decision so quick.

Spend some time in searching for the perfect hedge trimmer that will surely suit your needs. If you need the consistent power, then gas hedge trimmer is the best one for you, but you will have to maintain it regularly so that it doesn’t break.