The Extendable Hedge Trimmer for Messy Bushes


Most of the time, when you are sitting on your lawn and observing the surroundings, the messy bushes would always catch your eye. You would get this urge to fix it right away, but you don’t have the necessary tools to do it. Then an extendable hedge trimmer is a must-have for you.

This machine cuts bushes from places you are unable to reach. You will have to stand at the same place, and it will cut the bushes which are out of reach giving it a nice fresh cut. The edges will instantly start to look fresh when you cut them which is why it is important to make time to trim the hedges in your lawn.

If you own a lawn, you must learn how to maintain it. Fixing your lawn is a great way to pass time especially on the weekend. GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX is the best trimmer you can select for hedge trimming. The color of this trimmer is green which gives you a complete feel of working in the garden for as long as you want. It is fun and easy to cut the hedges with this perfect equipment.

GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX Long Extendable Hedge Trimmer

If you cannot reach the bushes in the corner, thenGreenWorks 22272 G-MAX is the best hedge trimmer for you. It runs for about an hour on a single battery. It cuts the edges faster and sharper than you can imagine. The blade’s dual action makes it save a lot of time. It has a slim blade which can reach the corners of the bushes.

Definitely a well-balanced machine to cut the hedges in your lawn. There cannot be anything better than this one. It is the best electric hedge trimmer to cut the hedges over the top. You do not have to take a support of a chair to reach through the hedges since the trimmer extends up to 6 inches for you to do the work efficiently.

You can make this equipment smaller or larger according to your desire. It runs smoothly without creating much noise. So even if someone is sleeping inside, you do not have to wait for them to wake up to get started with the cutting the hedges.

You can clean your lawn without any hassle with GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX. It is a flawless hedge cutter which you won’t find anywhere else at such a reasonable price. There are no hidden costs and it comes with the rechargeable battery as well.


  • 40w Lithium max
  • 20-inch blade
  • Dual action blade
  • 4 AH battery and 2 AH battery available
  • Extends up to 6 inches


  • No gas
  • No cord
  • No maintenance required
  • Less noise
  • Quick electric start
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • No led features

Alternative for Extendable Hedge Trimmer: Black and Decker LPP 120

Black and Decker LPP 120 is another option for you if you are looking for something similar to an extendable hedge trimmer. It runs on 20v battery all day long. This pole is cordless which is easy to carry. The battery is lithium Ion which has a long-term guarantee even if you use it as much as you can.

It reaches till 6 to 10 feet above to cut the hedges. The powerful battery has a long lifespan especially since it is rechargeable. Thin and long branches can be cut even from afar by extending the trimmer to cut the hedges easily. The charger and battery including with the purchase of the awesome black and decker LPP 120 hedge trimmer.

The Black and Decker LPP 120 hedge trimmer will provide a long term performance which will no doubt satisfy. It is easy to use and control without needing to hold it tightly. You can simply push the button and let the blades run to cut the hedges.


The GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX is easy to handle and convenient with cutting hedges and leaving them in a beautiful shape. You can cut both small and large branches with the trimmer without any hassle. There is no effort required to jump or stand on a chair, because the extendable hedge trimmer will do all the hard work for you.

You simply need to purchase this machine which will without a doubt, last a lifetime. When you finish and see how beautiful the lawn looks because of the hedges getting cut, then you will realize how awesome this machine is. You will also realize that you have made the correct decision by choosing the right product for your garden.

Final Verdict:

If you are tired of jumping up and down, trying to cut the bushes, then GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX is the best choice for you. It is easy to handle and provides you high-quality cutting in no time. You can cut the hedges in the morning within less than 20 minutes and get ready for work. This powerful machine allows you to work with continuously for one hour with a full battery.

There are no delays in getting started with the machine. It is easy to understand, so you do not need any instructions to make it function properly. When people have lawns, they are already aware which equipment they would need to maintain their garden, but most of the time it gets confusing because of so many options out there.

Choose the GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX and live without any worry. With its powerful and long-running battery, it will give you the ease to walk around with it without any tension of it getting drained. A fun and convenient cutting is on your way if you choose the right hedge trimmer for you.